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“I Support the 1%” is a group of concerned citizens who have become aware of the economic hardships suffered by many of the military members stationed in our area.

Because they are called to leave home at a moment’s notice, many find their jobs taken by others when they return.  Many have a hard time finding gainful employment due to prejudice against their military requirments and/or the poor economic reality of this area.

Many are homeless, are tortured by memories of the battles they were in, and have difficulty readjusting to civilian life.

Many find it difficult to reconcile their dual existence: military at times, civilian at times.

Because of this, we have banded together to provide relief to our local active duty and veteran members among us.

The goals of “I Support the 1%” are simple.   We aim to :

    • to establish a funding source to support a year round food bank just for military personnel.  

We welcome your support and help.  Our returning Veterans and Active Duty Personnel deserve only the best from the country they have sworn to protect.

Please go to our ‘DONATE’ page and give generously!  We take no salaries and donate much of our own resources to assist these men and women.  We invite you to join us!

14 thoughts on “Who We Are”

  1. Would individual water be good to donate?Snacks?Bread? I seen your list but was wondering what else? Ketchup ?Mayo? Paper plates? We would like to donate this at your upcoming event in Bay City. March 4 Eagles club..Would these help Saginaw too?No refrigerater stuff right? Thanx in advance!

    1. So sorry for missing your question! I hope you made it to the march 4th event and thanks for your support. I just hadn’t checked the website in time and missed the notification. I apologize!

  2. I am a Vet that will be Moving to your area its very nice to know that you are out there if I need help as the state has cut my Medical off and cut the food help to me and my mom that I am her caregiver. so its good to know that there is some one out there that has are back S/c 60 % vet and have to have to go to war to get medical and the things that we were told we were to get its good that some one has are back .

    1. Hi, Betsy — sorry for the delayed reply! Are you looking for assistance for a veteran, or interested in helping us out with the Pantry? Please give me a call at 989-245-0196 and we can discuss this. Thank you!

  3. As a retired Army Warrant Officer, I find what you are doing an outstanding service to our soldiers. My question is – how can one get a pantry set up in Genesee county? I would very much like to get one rolling (was food service officer for MN any years ). If possible, maybe set up a meeting to discuss this further.


    CW5 (ret) Ron Whitney

    1. Although I was only enlisted briefly, my husband is currently serving. I would also love to help in bringing an event to the Genesee county area.

      If the opportunity were to arise, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


      1. Hi, just finally going through the website comments and found yours. Thanks for your offer and we certainly appreciate your husband’s service!

    2. Did a pantry get set up in Genesee County? I’ve been in contact with Judy Adams as the Cub Scout Pack I volunteer with has “adopted” the 1% Food Pantry this year and we are starting to take donations – however, since we are located almost in Oakland County, I am very interested in knowing if and when one gets going in Genesee County!

      1. did you get any help from Judy? So far we are the only location still. Is your food drive still ongoing? I apologize for the last reply!

        1. We are holding our food drive through 11/1. I’ll give Judy a call when I’ve picked up the last of the goods to set a date for delivery.

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