Helping Vets from 11 Counties

IMG_0529Since opening in April, 2015, the word has been spreading about the food aid that the Pantry supplies for veterans and active duty personnel in need.   While located in Saginaw County, veterans from 10 surrounding counties have visited us for assistance.  Some have driven far distances after hearing about us just to get food for their families to stave off hunger for another week or so.  Many return for continued support, while others just needed a helping hand for a short while.

We respect the privacy of the veterans and active duty who come to us and we do not share their stories, but some of them are heartbreaking.  It’s tragic that anyone who has served this country should be hungry and in need.

Requests for donations are thick in the air this election season, but if you can, please consider a donation to help us keep our shelves stocked and full for those veterans who come to us.  Thank you!