Saginaw County Schools step up big time for Vets!

The Swan Valley Freshment and Pantry Director Judy Adams holding the checks.
The Swan Valley Freshment and Pantry Director Judy Adams holding the checks.

In November, the Swan Valley High School Freshman class sponsored a food drive all on their own after hearing about our Pantry and its mission.  Calling themselves “the 99% supporting the 1%”, they conducted a penny drive and raised over $550 dollars to donate to the Pantry!  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting these great kids and their teachers when they came out to deliver the donation to us!

sherwood competition! sherwood food and staff Not to be outdone, the Saginaw Township elementary schools jumped into the outreach effort as well.  Sherwood Elementary, under the inspiration of principal Mark Abenth, divided the children into the five military branches who then competed against each other to see who could gather the most.  When they held their assembly to present us with the results, they astounded us with over 5200 lbs of food!  What an amazing result!  Thank you, Sherwood!

The recipients for Hemmeter Food/Toy drive
SFC Yeartie waits with the Toys for Tots and Eastside Soup Kitchen recipients.

The final school effort of 2015 comes from Hemmeter Elementary, under the guidance of principal Jim Bailey.  They raised donations for three groups: Toys for Tots, the East Side Soup Kitchen, and our pantry.  We received their generous food donations after a rousing Christmas assembly on December 23rd (surely the children were thinking of Christmas morning and the week-long vacation ahead)!

We are so grateful to all these schools and the teachers, staff, and students who have reacted with such positive action toward the mission of I SUPPORT THE 1%!  They agree with us that NO ONE who has ever served this country should go hungry.  By their positive and loving actions, they are truly making that statement a genuine reality!