The need is real!

veteran saluting flagOur Food Pantry for veterans has been in operation as ‘I SUPPORT THE 1%’ now for two months after our Open House on April 17, 2015.  Since that time, the reception from veterans has more than proven the need for our unique mission.

We average four to five visits per week from veterans of all varieties.  The most heartbreaking are those who have sustained war injuries that have left them disabled, even at a young age, and unable to support themselves.  We see them  enter our pantry in constant pain, yet they do not complain.  Some suffer from the effects of PTSD.   Others live with irreversible  brain trauma from IED explosions.

A few are older Vets from the Vietnam and Korean Conflict who find it very hard to live on their tiny pensions.  One called our Pantry “a dream come true.’ And it was for this elderly gentleman who was simply hungry.  (How can that be in this great nation that he served with such honor?)

Others are dealing with the results caused by lengthy deployments, a situation often faced by our National Guardsmen and Reservists.  The well-paying job they had when they deployed is gone when they return.  The bills, however, don’t stop coming.

But the reality is that our Pantry, stocked with YOUR donations of food and through YOUR financial contributions, has brought hope and relief to these men and women who fully deserve it.  They love the privacy we give them; they appreciate the respect we have for them.

And it is only fitting to end this update with the fact that we have not found ANYONE who asked for help to be greedy.  They ask before they take, and it is so apparent to us that this is so hard for them.  They are used to giving, not receiving.  Now it is is our honor to bless them with the help of a grateful and appreciate citizenry.

If you would like to help our veterans through the Food pantry, please  donate financially , or contact us for giving food supplies. All donations are tax-deductible.