Saginaw Township stands up for our Vets!


We always believed that when people heard of a way to assist struggling veterans that they would respond.  That belief was verified today, June 5th, 2015, when the people of Saginaw Township amazed us with the results of their food drive for our Pantry.

The brain child of Garry Davis, who works at the Township’s Dept of Public Works, the drive lasted a week and brought in an incredible amount of quality food and personal supplies.  One pickup truck and three cars were needed to gather all the supplies and drive them out to the Pantry at Harry Browne Airport in Buena Vista.

Judy Adams, the Pantry Manager, was so touched and impressed with the support the Pantry received and the amount of food gathered.  She said:  ‘This is so incredible.  You can’t believe what a difference this makes for our struggling veterans .’

Judy is the one who takes the vets’ calls for assistance and meets them at the pantry.  She says that after these visits, she often goes home and just cries at the hardships she’s seen.

What is the cause of the need for our Food Pantry just for veterans?  And that includes not just separated military, but also National Guards, Reservists, and active duty families – anyone who wears the uniform of our Nation.

For some, it’s the economic hardships that come with lengthy deployments away from home and the job that’s no longer there when they return.  For some, it’s the wounds received in Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere that are improperly treated, leading to disability and the inability to work.  For others, it the effects of combat and the PTSD that follows.

Our food pantry – I SUPPORT THE 1%’, is to show them that we the people have NOT forgotten them!  We are here to help them through whatever hard time they are passing through, whether short or long term.  Our military men and women don’t want a hand-out, but they appreciate a helping hand, especially from other veterans who understand.

Thank YOU for making this a reality and bring hope to an honorable and courageous group of people.  No one is more deserving of our support.

Thank you, again, leaders and people of Saginaw Township for your care and concern for our veterans, and making it possible for us to help them!Saginaw Township Food Drive IMG_8530 IMG_8537 IMG_8540