Look, Daddy, cookies!

Imagine the joy of a young child, offspring of a USA military veteran, whose joy at seeing a pack of cookies brought out that happy cry.  There had been no cookies in his house for quite a while for daddy was having a hard time making ends meet, and cookies were not a priority.

Such was the case with one of the veterans we served recently, and  we are happy to say that the little child went home happy with a pack of the desired treats.

This is just one of the cases of the veterans we have helped recently.  Since our Open House on the 17th, at least 26 vets in need have been loaded up with nutritious food from our pantry, three of them with young children (including the child mentioned above).

Our vets range from older vets on limited pensions, wounded vets from the recent conflicts who can’t work, vets struggling with medical issues, vets with PTSD, unemployed Reservists, and more.

All of them send out a HUGE thank you to you, the public, for the joy and hope you give them with the simple gift of food.  When you’re hungry, even the smallest gift that keeps hunger at bay is huge.