‘A Dream Come True’

Travis Mills with Lynette McKenzie, Judy Adams, and Mary Moylan
Lynette McKenzie of Digity Radio, Judy Adams of the Yellow Ribbon Guard, Travis Mills, hero, and Mary Moylan, President of ‘I Support the 1%’.

We were so happy with our Open House and how it turned out!  We were especially thrilled with the totally unplanned appearance of Travis Mills, the 82nd Airborne soldier who lost all four arms and legs in Afghanistan in 2012.  It was a pleasure and honor to meet him!

Visit our facebook page at ‘I Support the 1%‘ and check out the rest of the pictures, TV videos, and news articles about us.  We are very appreciative of all the media and supporters who came out!

What was best of all, though, was the response from Veterans who heard about us.  We had donations from vets and a number of needy ones referred to us for help.  We were able to help an elderly Korean War vet and several homeless ones.  The Korean War vet stated our pantry was a ‘dream come true’ for him, as he had a hard time living on his limited assistance.

Please keep spreading the word that we are here for those who wear or wore the uniform!  Donations are always welcome as are Food Drives.

Our motto always will be: May No Veteran go Hungry!